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Creative collaborative working with Ali Pretty

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Working with Ali Pretty

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This is a consciously analogue/digital alliance.

We meet as opposites and seek to complement our practices.

Ali is analogue. I am digital

I am a scuba diver. Ali walks on the land.

Ali’s work develops conceptually, I take snapshots and do live social media

I record sound inexpertly. Ali asks questions.

Together we initiate conversations, stimulate thoughts, challenge.

We do archaeology without breaking the soil.

We walk. Its physical. Its outside.

Whatever the weather.

We hold the ring and host a conversation with whoever shows up

We look for spaces and sights. Views and sites.

We carry or place additional audio or visual stimulus….

We walk, we philosophise, we imagine, we dream.

We listen.

We enjoy myths and memories.

Together we theorise

Together we create perfect moments.

Some to share, some to disperse in memory and in the ether

We hold the silence

I curate and cross fertilise social media.

Sometimes it comes back to us live or overnight.

Sometimes we have time for it to mature, evolve and cross fertilise

Ali writes. I can too

Ali makes beautiful paintings. I struggle in that medium.

I edit sound and pictures. I create digital assets.

I plan placing those assets back , virtually, into the landscape we have walked.

Using GPS or web.

Or export them for another form.

…and am grateful for the technical expertise of those who really know.


Author: rswpost

Exploring connections between landscape, place and people. on foot and online. Working collaboratively and harnessing the participatory potential of social media.

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