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Isle of Wight Carnival Trail

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Working on the  Carnival Trail

A new 100 mile trail linking the towns and  a village that produce the Isle of Wight Carnivals.

100 miles. 5 days. 9 Carnivals. A journey into the heritage of Carnival on the Isle of Wight.

Working with Ali Pretty. An Arts Council commission from the New Carnival Company as part of the Isle of Wight Walking Festival.

The Carnival Trail Companion is in development both as a live experience and as a legacy output for  future walkers on the trail.

It will be an interactive map using Viewranger, a bespoke app delivering a series of sound parks and a social media community…currently the facebook page is very active. Lots of photos and text some videos too.

As for contributions to the Companion..anything digital … stills and short vids. I am sound recording, gathering images and tweeting. But this is not about making a documentary of the walk.

The main thing is to try and create as much social media clamour around the flag presentations as possible, so clustering posting to social media around the presentation times and then doing a wrap up at the end of the day. I want to see how live we can make it and how far we can get it to travel. I am hoping we can stir up a bit of noise around some of the Island carnival issues…queens, floats, issues of representation, issues of community, class and ownership etc partly to out some of the stuff  so as to move it on in a socially engaged way and partly to attract some attention.

That infused participatory liveness and telepresence in the context of cultural heritage is the core of the work I am interested in: the work before it is about building assets, community and networks and what follows is legacy. Somehow though walking talking, listening gently opening up to affect and emotion trying to enact a detournement on the Isle of Wight carnivals.

With regard to legacy the idea is that we are also collecting assets for the Carnival Trail Companion, so that future walkers get a taste or an echo of what we have experienced and can perhaps add to it. Facebook. Flickr. Viewranger maps and the bespoke app.


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