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Lost Walks of Rochford 1

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On the trail of the Lost Walks of Rochford today with intrepid explorers not quite pith helmeted and machete wielding but once again at the mercy of head height stinging nettles, flaying brambles and wind driven briars. Ali Pretty, Mike Johnston, Roxie and more from Rochford we set out to discover a couple of lost walks and some stories and thoughts to go with.


A great day of walking, lovely people and good talk.

We found samphires and fennel, onions and potato fields and set off a local recipes string on twitter. We heard of the ostriches that used to roam the Ford factory at Dagenham, reared especially for their feathers. We talked about community and history and regeneration.

mudflats10460751_678554508865823_1013456041885572155_nWe found out about the great brickworks that supplied the brick to build London and drank beer in its name. Someone had died and we lunched on the edge of a small local funeral. Sounds of the wind in the reeds and the trees, distant explosions.




People pushed out of the metropolis.

People resisting distantly.

Entering the territory of cynicism….



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