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Sounding the City

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Missed the workshop back in June so intrigued to see/hear what became of this.

From half way up half way down the multistory carpark echoes of builders, memories of glam fans and bands in the concert halls below. Panoramic views out over the city to the hills beyond. Onto the road where I once skip dived for space invader arcade machine debris. Roaring road. Ambulances and an angle grinder screeching cutting a post for a new Esso sign opposite.

The Edwardian Cloakroom

Old public toilet squashed midway between the site of His Masters Voice and the University.

The Edwardian Cloakroom.
In the Ladies, the Explanation somehow seemed appropriate. Representations of the city in insignia in the porcelain. In the Ladies Lavatories the sound of a great breathless Vertigo remembering climb up up to the view opening out  to voices as it reached the top.

In the Gents loud and hard on the old tiled surfaces a mix of the city. Wonderful. A mini city symphony. The bells of the hours, voices and calls and traffic hooting roaring ebb and flow..mixing in with the live now sound of the street outside

Representations of the city mixing with its present. We shouted at each other as if standing at a street corner.

Then on to Jeremy Deller in another Edwardian space, English Magic, and indeed it was. David Bowie and all.


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