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Walkout Sunday a planner

Walkout Sundays continue into next year….walking, talking, building a social media conversation, see how far it goes as the days lengthen. Walking out on enchantment…towards disenchantment?

Here is an outline plan:

Sunday 3 Jan: recce for a walk to the unmarked graves of Bath’s Victorian poor.

Sunday 7 Feb: No walk.  Returning from Germany  Forced Walk: Honouring Esther we walk on the Thursday and Friday 4 and 5 Feb…why not join us…on foot or online?

Sunday 6 March: Saltford loop….out on the tow path and back on the old railway line (or back on the bus if you prefer…)

Sunday 3 April: Saltford loop reversed (or meet at Saltford times tbc)

Sunday 1 May:  Bath to Avonmouth on the River Avon Trail (early start)

Sunday 5 May: A walk via the ornate Victorian graveyard at Smallcombe to the unmarked graves at the Workhouse burial ground
Sunday 3 July: Bath to Chewton Mendip
Sunday 7 August: Chewton Mendip to Bath
Sunday 4 September: tbc
The common theme in all this is enchantment/disenchantment…how to see, reveal, articulate other less comfortable truths and stories from the places, locations we walk through.  The walks are participatory and any information, stories, myths or rumours that you can bring to this the better. These are creative walks and walkers are encouraged to make and share work through the walk.

At first exploring more on the slave trade and the legacies of slavery and empire…the focus is on the Brass Mills on the Avon, one of which survives at Saltford. Brass goods were made here for trading in West Africa for slaves… I am interested to exploring stories of goods made near Bath using the energy of the river Avon and traded in the first leg of the triangular trade …. what went down the river, what came back…humans, trade, sweat, brass etc. Was the currency of the slave trade manufactured along the river just outside Bath? What survives in stories and ghosts of those places….

We will walk through the remains of early industrialisation, a coal field and ghosts of Bath’s engineering past all now smoothed, concealed perhaps, in a romantically landscaped valley…
how does it feel,
what stories will start to surface….how to tell them…
As the days get longer I want to explore an idea around the memorialising and the treatment of poor people and those unable to work in Bath, in particular I want to start to develop a walking route from Chewton Mendip into Bath finishing at the Bath workhouse burial ground by the Red Lion at Odd Down. Walking, talking and the undeserving poor?

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Renewing the conversation

Forced Walks: Honouring Esther. a conversation.
Sunday 17 January 16.00-18.00 44AD Gallery, Bath

Join me and  Lorna Brunstein for a conversation about our forthcoming walk in Germany. The past few months have been consumed in fundraising and sorting logistics, this is your chance to help us find some trees in the wood and get focused again on making work. Forced Walks: Honouring Esther is not a sponsored walk, neither is it seeking to raise money directly, it isn’t a re-creation or reconstruction of a death march, there will be no dressing up in death camp stripes or walking in sackcloth barefoot as pilgrims. It is not death camp tourism or a history walk. The session is an informal opportunity to share ideas with those taking part in the walk in Germany, help us rediscover, re-tune, reveal, question, prepare for the art in the walk.

…and if you feel like joining us on the walk on 4 and 5 February you will be very welcome, please make contact via the website.

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