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Embodied Learning: Moving Creativity and Agency

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A Call for Presentations:

Embodied Learning: Moving Creativity and Agency                                      One–day Symposium Oct 19th 2019,                                                                         followed by a one day workshop  on Oct 20th  with Glenna Batson (US/IE)

Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus, Bath (UK)

Key presenter Prof. Em. Glenna Batson (US/IE)                                                                                                                            

Convenors Thomas Kampe & Mary Steadman,                                                                                                                      (Creative Corporealities Research Group (CCRG), Bath Spa University)

This one-day symposium addresses issues around embodiment in learning, education and performer training. Through practical explorations, academic presentations, workshop sessions, artistic interaction and debate we will explore how a somatic-turn in learning, education and training can contribute to a meaningful and critical education to ‘humanize humanity’ (Morin 1999:10 ) in the context of global and civilisatory crises. The symposium will be followed by a one- day workshop by Glenna Batson. The symposium and workshop will be held on the beautiful Newton Park Campus of Bath Spa University, and is organised through the Creative Corporealities Research Group (CCRG) located within the Bath School of Music and Performance.

The convenor team invites educators, academics and artists to contribute to this pertinent symposium through lectures, workshops, panel discussions artistic presentations or alternative formats.

Presentation formats: 20 minutes lecture presentations; 60 min or 90 min workshops; 60 min panel discussions; 30 – 45 min artistic presentations. Skype presentations and alternative formats of presentations are welcomed.

Topics might include:

Embodied and Enactivist Cognition and Pedagogies; Embodied Performance Practices and Performer Training; New Materialism & Posthumanism;  Deconstruction and Embodiment; Somatic Activism & Applied Somatics; Touch as Learning Modality; Agency, Empathy & Liveness; Somatic Performance Cultures; Eco & Walking Arts; Embodying Gender; Critiquing Whiteness – Decolonising Practice; Embodying Diversity; Embodiment in the Digital Age; Eco-Somatics & Eco-Crisis;  Re-Embodiment and Re-Empowerment; Movement and Well-being in Education.

Presenter fee: £ 35 / workshop fee £ 35  – concessions are available. The symposium will be self-funding.

Submission format : 250 words long proposal & 250 word biog

Deadline for proposals: 09/08/2019 . Feedback by 23/08/2019

Please send proposals and biogs to:

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