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After Auschwitz

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Upcoming London exhibition with Lorna Brunstein at Hundred Years Gallery. Installation films/recorded live performance, assembled artefacts photography.

 ‘After Auschwitz’ is an immersive multi-media installation reflecting on the impact of the two visits to the Death Camp. It features soil gathered from the site, specifically from the soles of the shoes of members of the Unite Against Fascism group who accompanied Lorna on the visits around the site. Timely and deeply personal meditation on the lasting impact of fascism.

Thursday 5 September 6 -9.30pm : Opening Event
Friday 6 September 6.30-8pm : Informal talk/discussion of issues raised and contemporary resonance with representatives from Unite Against Fascism

Gallery hours: Thursday 12 – 9.30pm Friday 12 – 7pm
Saturday 2 – 7pm, Sunday 12 – 6pm

Screening of Variations on an inheritance in soil, flowers and flesh: A sequence of short films by Richard White with Lorna Brunstein and Alicia White.

Hundred Years Gallery


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