Richard White

explorations in place and time



In life, I believe we all create, we all tell stories, we all share and cherish memories.

I believe we all derive meaning from and ascribe meaning to places and the landscape around us. We all have some sense of inheritance and legacy.

I believe everyone is a special kind of artist.

I believe we share primal creative responses to landscape and seascape. Increasingly I have produced work exploring these themes in which I have been the significant creative driver, the lead artist.


In my work and in my life I value:  Truth. Honesty. Joy. Freedom. Justice


I have come late to accepting a definition of myself as an artist:

Some people we call artists find that they have no choice but to express their emotions and feelings publicly in sound, visually or text. Some people we call artists have had the opportunity to develop skills and techniques of expression. Many people have not had those opportunities and for most of their lives express their creativity less publicly.  As a creative producer my skills have evolved in contexts aiming to open up creative opportunities for all.  I believe that creative engagement and collaboration can be transformative for all concerned and can create work of value and significance beyond the group of makers.


Currently I chose to explore work outside and as far as possible in non urban settings. With developments in social media and social networking, participatory work is now possible which is not limited by time and place. In the same line of technological development, mobile media has developed to enable the physical/geographic and the virtual/diegetic to overlap. Liveness and presence, the sharing of the Moment in the Place in the physical and the virtual plane is now a transformative possibility.


My practice is steeped in the tradition of participatory arts. I work collaboratively with digital media, articulating location and identity. I am currently exploring the possibilities of mobile media technology, harnessing the participatory potential of social networks. I am discovering and sharing meanings of place and time. Reclaiming lost memory. Locating the stories. Creating new ones. I want to create collective expressions of what it means to be Here, Now.


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