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Relics of the River Crouch walk

At the end of the walk we assembled quietly on the bank of the river as the tide turned and the river began to flow again towards the sea. We collected out thoughts and reflected on the 8 days, remembering each one.end of walk 2

In the heat in the pub garden I showed and described a series of items into a cardboard container. Enumerating theĀ  thoughts each had triggered on my walk:

Dried blue flowers from the beginning, seeds at the finish.

Items returned with love and memories for the next time.

  • A sprig of blue flowers from the sea wall at Bradwell, picked on the day our river pilgrimage began, their blue contrasting with the flag we walked between them.
  • A Mercedes badge resembling the Dengie windmills near where it was found, into the container with ruminations on this icon of conspicuous consumption
  • A spare coat button once in a small torn plastic bag found on the path, for my mum who further humiliated me when I lost a primary school playground fight.
  • An Apple ‘paperclip’ found on the ground out at the antiques emporium and b&b at Battlesbridge with amusement and irony on the location, and with respect to the equipment I am using
  • A 1988 2p piece found on the ground at the North Fambridge station rendezvous for love and community arts in Swindon
  • 2 cockle shells from a beach of shells bounded by the sea wall for the sea, Aphrodite and ancient pilgrims
  • Last, a baby conker found in the shade at the park by the river for the sun, shade, children’s poems and The Box of Crabs

All contained in a sortlifeout tube stuffed tightly with screwed up pages of the Daily Mail July 3 2015

Box of Crabs says

Cast into an ebbing tide on the River Crouch at Hullbridge on Saturday 4 July. The end of the walk.